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Take action: write the CoOp board of directors

August 24, 2010

Urgent action needed!

The board of directors is being asked to shut down the process of educating the community about Israeli products and their violation of the CoOp’s mission statement. The pressure is focusing on the specific language of the CoOp’s boycott policy: opponents of the boycott of Israel claim that since the boycott of a country was not specifically named as a possibility, the board should not have permitted it.

That sounds a lot like someone is trying to silence discussion due to a technicality.
Write the board of directors today and tell them you want to keep the discussion open. Their address is coopboard@olympus.net.

In some good news: many members of the Food CoOp have signed on to a petition to the board of directors already. Want to sign, too? Come to our info table or email us and we’ll include your name when we submit our petition to the board. Make sure you let us know if you are an active member of the Port Townsend Food CoOp – the board likes to hear from members and non-members alike.

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