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Rachel Corrie and an Inspiration to Act

September 5, 2010

Part of the reason that BDS is needed is that all internal checks of state, all mechanisms of obtaining fair treatment for citizens and residents. One of the mechanisms of such fair treatment is that when something goes wrong – when someone is wounded or killed – a public investigation is held, and the results become part of the public record. If someone is at fault, the state holds that person accountable, in hopes that this will deter recurrences.

This mechanism is entirely broken in Israel, and nowhere is this breakage clearer than in the killing and subsequent investigation into the death of Rachel Corrie.

Ms. Corrie’s parents are in Israel right now for yet another part of that process, still seeking answers seven years after their daughter was killed. But they are not there only for her. Tragic as their case is, they are better able to get answers than the relatives of victims of the same struggle who were Palestinian. Craig Corrie’s statement rings both terrible and true: “Being here is emotionally taxing in ways that are really hard to explain, but we have to do it and have an obligation to the many who cannot. It is not just about Rachel or our family.”

BDS is needed, now, because Israel’s Apartheid claims new victims every day. BDS is that poke from outside of Israel that will support fairness and human dignity to every person whose life is between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

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