Hedy Epstein

I am writing to endorse the BDS Initiative of the Port Townsend Food Co-op.

As a Jew I feel a historical obligation to be morally consistent. I feel compelled to fight the oppression of the Palestinian people at the hand of the Israeli government & military & to support the Palestinians’ desire & struggle for freedom from the crushing occupation. There is no such thingĀ as a morally acceptable occupation.

Since Israel’s establishment as a state it has consistently violated international law. As of this writing Israel has defied 246 UN Security Council Resolutions. As a result, millions of Palestinians are excluded from the right to live on land internationally acknowledged to be theirs.

The daily brutality of the Israeli army in Gaza & the West Bank continues on a daily basis. Palestinian land continues to be stolen, homes bulldozed to the ground, olive orchards & crops destroyed. For years Israel has been carrying out a slow genocide in Gaza.

As Rachel Corrie, murdered by an Israeli operated bulldozer, said in an e-mail to her parents: “This has to stop!”


Hedy Epstein

St. Louis, MO

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