Sam Hamill

Dear Friends:

Several people have directed me to the heated arguments about a proposed boycott of Israeli goods at the PT Co-op.

While such a boycott is a very small act in a very large field of action, it is, nevertheless, an important step in raising awareness of actual circumstances in Gaza and in Israel. Because I have friends—fellow poets— both Palestinian and Israeli, including the great Palestinian poet Samih al Qasim who lives in Israel and has long been a notable voice for nonviolence—all of whom agree that a two-state solution is is the only possible solution—I feel a deep personal grief. There are people on both sides who want nothing more than to establish a two-state solution and begin to rebuild their lives.

I ask my friends to stand with them, and with me, with Rabbi Gottlieb, with Archbishop Tutu, the Israeli poet Aaron Shabtai, the late Mahmoud Darwish, Breyten Breytenbach and tens of thousands of other human rights advocates who support the boycott in order to add one more voice to an ever-growing chorus for peace.

And if that means we have to give up a dried fig or sea salt from Israel for a while, I think the investment in common humanity is a larger dividend.

Sam Hamill, Poet, co-editor of Poets Against the War

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