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The Jewish Voices for Peace statement about the Olympia Food CoOp boycott.

Some words from Chris Hedges, as the Audacity of Hope sets sail for Gaza: The tears of Gaza must be our tears.

Successful nonviolent resistance adopted by Hamas and Hezbollah, says the Wall Street Journal.

62 years of resistance: here is the Veritas Handbook, explaining the background.

Adam Keller, of Jewish For Justice For Palestinians asks if Israel is singled out, and why.

Bradley Burston, American living in Israel, finds good things happening in Israel in response to the Olympia Food Co-Op boycott.

Itamar Shaaltiel has a message for fellow Israelis who oppose BDS. He suggests that they go see the occupation for themselves.

Phen Nguyen’s Frequently Asked Questions about the Olympia Co-Op’s boycott resolution.

BDS is a way to besiege Israel’s siege, suggests Omar Barghouti in the Guardian.

We Shall Overcome: Roger Waters has some musical heartbalm for activists under barrage of attacks meant to silence us (video).

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb speaks eloquently and movingly about her support of the Olympia Food CoOp (video).

Artist Emily Henochowicz, who lost her eye when shot at point blank range by Israeli border patrol, talks about being a one-eyed artist, a Jew and Israeli who loves the people place, and her peace work – watch her in a wonderful interview from Democracy Now. Also see her blog, Thirsty Pixels, alive with art and love and peace (video).

Racist newspaper cartoon slurs Port Townsend Co-op initiative to boycott Israeli goods

Canadian Union of Postal Workers on Thursday called on Canadians to co-ordinate with Canada Boat Gaza after Israel Post, the nation’s mail carrier, informed Canada Post this week they would no longer deliver mail to the Gaza Strip.

BDS is not over the rainbow: Palestinian Queers for BDS.

Lots more links from the Olympia BDS page.

What to do when a member of the clergy libels you: thoughts from Olympia about the religion-based slur so many of us have had cast at us.

Eyal Niv reports from Israel: Law in the Service of Thievery.

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