Silencing BDS

Working for justice in Palestine & Israel is uphill work, not least because of the immediate response by people who are very tenacious in their dedication to upholding and continuing the occupation and injustice in Palestine.

The JeffCoWA BDS Committee has been met with several attempts to silence us:

  • a campaign of angry comments directed at the Food CoOp staff;
  • a campaign of angry letters, directed at the Food CoOp board of directors;
  • a filibuster which prevented the scheduled  Product Review Committee discussion of the Israeli products currently identified for the proposed boycott.

Silencing tactics are quite standard, and with your help they are easily defeated: the JeffCoWA BDS committee will continue the work of collecting signatures on our petition and educating the CoOp members about the issues at hand. Our job is to inform the board about the importance of the issues underlying this boycott, and of the extent of community support for taking local actions about them.

Click here to write a letter to the board of directors and let them know you support a full discussion of the proposed boycott. Our board needs to know that CoOp members will not be silenced.

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